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Justin Oberg

for State Representative Pos. 1, 18th Legislative District

Paulina Oberg is supporting Justin Oberg

“Justin is running for Washington State Representative LD 18 Position 1 (D). Justin is a Progressive candidate who is fighting for families's affordable housing, living wage, fully fund education, investment in infrastructure, environment and small businesses. Justin will remove the corrupting influence of big corporate and special interest money, because everyone deserves a seat at the table and a voice in government”

— Paulina Oberg, PCO WA (D) 446 Appointed, 2016 Bernie Sanders's LD/County Delegate

Eric Miller

for State Treasurer, Washington

Jon Culver is supporting Eric Miller

“I am so stoked to see grassroots candidates running for Statewide Positions — against two Republicans, no less! Go, Eric, Go!”

— Jon Culver, PCO Coordinator, 46th LD Democrats
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Pramila Jayapal

for U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District

Berniecrat is supporting Pramila Jayapal


— Berniecrat, We've got to take the power back.

Gerry Pollet

for State Representative Pos. 1, 46th Legislative District

Chad Lupkes is supporting Gerry Pollet

“Gerry has been an activist, lawyer, father and leader in the environmental community for ... ever. I was thrilled to see him join the State House of Representatives in 2011, and I'm proud to strongly support him for the 2016 election.”

— Chad Lupkes, Former Chair, 46th District Democrats.

Joe Pakootas

for U.S. Representative, 5th Congressional District

Gayle C. is supporting Joe Pakootas

“Smart, experience, honest and ethical. He cannot be bought, but he will be our voice in Congresd.”

— Gayle C., POC Democrat Party Chair

Eric Miller

for State Treasurer, Washington

Berniecrat is supporting Eric Miller


— Berniecrat, We've got to take the power back!
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Monica Jurado Stonier

for State Representative Pos. 2, 49th Legislative District

Robert Cruickshank is supporting Monica Jurado Stonier

“Monica Stonier will fight for working families, their children, and for an equitable Washington. She is a champion of public education. During her previous time in the legislature she fought for a minimum wage increase, pay equity, paid sick leave, the Washington State Dream Act, equal rights for the LGBTQQA+ community, protected access to women’s health services, and more progressive causes. Her opponent is a corporate Democrat backed by big business and the billionaires. Support Monica.”

— Robert Cruickshank, Senior Campaign Manager, Democracy for America, and a Democratic PCO in the 36th LD

I-735: WAmend


Jennifer S. is supporting I-735: WAmend

“I support Yes on 735, because I don’t like how BIG MONEY is dominating our democracy and drowning out our voices. More money does NOT equal more free speech. VOLUNTEERS (not big money) gathered almost 300,000 signatures last year to get I-735 the ballot. That is no small feat. I was one of those volunteers. I gathered almost 2500 signatures and helped organize other volunteers in Thurston County to gather almost 16,000 signatures. Please help call WA voters (Find a phonebanking event near you here: ) and DONATE what you can to help get the word out about I-735 across the state. WAmend doesn't have BIG MONEY to advertise, so we need all of us to chip in a little TODAY before ballots arrive in your mailbox. Even $7.35 helps! Donate here: Your Democracy Needs You! Help #GetMoneyOUT #OverturnCitizensUnited #EndCorporateRule, because #MoneyIsNotSpeech #ACorporationIsNotAPerson #YESon735. And remember: I-735 is not partisan: 80% of Democrats, Republicans AND Independents support getting money out of politics. So please encourage your conservative friends or family members to vote YES on 735, too!”

— Jennifer S., Olympia Volunteer with I-735, WAmend, and Fix Democracy First

Nicole Macri

for State Representative Pos. 1, 43rd Legislative District

Tara Gallagher is supporting Nicole Macri

“Nicole has been working for years on affordable housing issues and human services; she also deeply understands transportation, education, criminal justice reform---and, most importantly, how these issues intersect. After years of advocacy, Nicole knows government and the state legislature, and will bring to Olympia strong, effective leadership on progressive values.”

— Tara Gallagher, PCO, 43rd District. Worker, parent, concerned citizen.

Tina Podlodowski

for Secretary of State, Washington

Chad Lupkes is supporting Tina Podlodowski

“We need a Secretary of State that takes the responsibility of voting seriously. Voter Turnout has gone down cycle after cycle, and we need someone focused on turning it around, not just shrugging shoulders.”

— Chad Lupkes, Populist Progressive Socialist from Seattle, Democratic PCO SEA 46-2324

Eric K. Holt

for State Senator, 18th Legislative District

Chad Lupkes is supporting Eric K. Holt

“Eric is a very down to Earth candidate, and he understands the needs of our industries much more than the incumbent Senator in the 18th LD does. You can't go wrong voting for Eric in the 18th.”

— Chad Lupkes, Populist Democratic Socialist and proud of it.

I-735: WAmend


Berniecrat is supporting I-735: WAmend


— Berniecrat, We've got to take the power back!

Jennifer Goulet

for State Representative Pos. 1, 9th Legislative District

Malakay Betor is supporting Jennifer Goulet

“The 9th LD desperately needs a progressive voice but this is bigger than Eastern WA. The WA State Legislature is currently in gridlock and we need new representatives to bring change. Jennifer is endorsed by DFA, Eastern Washington Voters, Equal Rights WA, Freethought Equality Fund, FUSE WA, Spokane Council, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, National Women's Political Caucus, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, Progreso Latino Progress Alliance, local unions, the Tri-City Herald Editorial Board and more.”

— Malakay Betor, Treasurer, WAmend

Chris Reykdal

for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington

Jenna is supporting Chris Reykdal

“Chris Reykdal is the true candidate for OSPI with a career in public education. He has worked in education from so many different angles - as a teacher, school board member, education policy executive, and vice-chair of the House Education Committee. He is down to earth, transparent, honest, and highly intelligent. He also currently has kids in public school which means he has a personal stake in it! He is a fantastic person who has done everything he can to serve his LD as a state representative, and I know he will do the same as Superintendent.”

— Jenna, 4th grade teacher extraordinaire

Prop 1: Mass Transit Now


Phillip Duggan is supporting Prop 1: Mass Transit Now

“We need more transit options and we need them now. We needed it yesterday but we can't afford to delay it further. It will only get more harder and more expensive. As we continue to grow we need options like grade-separated light-rail that won't get stuck in traffic. This also keeps people like me off the road to free up room for those who need to drive.”

— Phillip Duggan, 46th LD Democrats Chair, Pinehurst Community Council President, North District Council Rep, QA Engineer

I-1433: Raise Up Washington


Dinea Evans is supporting I-1433: Raise Up Washington

“With the cosy of living on the constant rise we must rise the minimum wage. There is no reason why the working class should have to live in poverty.”

— Dinea Evans, Former National Delegate for Bernie Sanders

Erin Jones

for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington

Leslie H is supporting Erin Jones

“Erin Jones has her priorities in the right place. She will bring innovation to our schools and motivation for our teachers. I've worked with Erin for years. She is the candidate who can help schools reach EVERY child, those with special needs, children from poverty, gifted children, LGBTQ youth, Brown and Black children. She is the real deal. Our schools have been over tested for years and our teachers have been burdened with so much more than teaching children. Our schools need someone who can reinvigorate their teachers, motivate their leaders, and inspire their kids. Erin is that leader and that is why I'm voting for Erin Jones for Superintendent of Public Instruction.”

— Leslie H, Thurston County
How you can help out:

Erin Jones

for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington

Geoff M is supporting Erin Jones

“As a lifelong educator AND a women experienced in the OSPI, Erin brings the essential blend of teacher and leader that is needed in this role. Her awareness and focus on the needs of the student is sorely missing in career politicians for all offices. There is a mandate for education funding in the state and I believe Erin will do everything she can to hold the legislature accountable.”

— Geoff M, North Seattle voter, father of 3 schoolkids, Berniecrat.
How you can help out:

Shar Lichty

for State Representative Pos. 2, 6th Legislative District

Garrett Havens is supporting Shar Lichty

“I am supporting Shar Lichty because she is the type of person that I want representing me in office. In the five years that I have known Shar, I have been continually impressed with her knowledge and expertise in both criminal justice reform and her deep understanding of economic inequality. She is a respected leader in the community on the issues that matter to people. Shar has dedicated years of her life to social change and justice for all. She has done the hard work to bring all members of the community together for the benefit of Spokane. In her years with the Peace and Justice Action League, Shar has worked tirelessly to support youth leaders, end racial disparity in the justice system, and promote Smart Hiring to lift people out of poverty. I have seen Shar make differences in the lives of the people of Spokane. It is not often that someone with such a track record of social change makes a run for the legislature and we should take advantage of her doing so. We have an opportunity to take this seat back from the Republicans, but Shar needs your support to do it. The votes are there! Multiple Democrats won in the 6th Legislative District in 2012 and they are going to win in 2016 with your help. Please consider volunteering or donating to Shar today because, she is not just a champion for Spokane, she can be a champion for all of Washington.”

— Garrett Havens, Edmonds, WA

Pramila Jayapal

for U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District

Carin Chase is supporting Pramila Jayapal

“Pramila is the champion we need in the other Washington to fight for our shared values.”

— Carin Chase, Chair, 32nd Legislative District Democratic Organization

Erin Jones

for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington

Merritt Weese is supporting Erin Jones

“I support Erin Jones for Superintendent of Public Schools. Her strong bond with students and teachers she's formed over the last 25 yrs in education and working in the OSPI gives her the ability to turn active listening into meaningful action. Excited for Erin Jones' vision for education to make a lasting impact on my two young boys.”

— Merritt Weese, Snohomish
How you can help out:

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw

for U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District

Stephen Schwartz is supporting Brady Piñero Walkinshaw

“Brandy is the real thing.. a young, gay, Hispanic, liberal man with roots in both Seattle and rural Washington who is deeply invested in Seattle's new role.”

— Stephen Schwartz, UW Prof and Editor, THE-Ave.US

I-735: WAmend


Elisa C is supporting I-735: WAmend

“I support I-735 because we need a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. It's a bipartisan issue and WA state needs to go on record with 17 other states, plus counties, municipalities, and other organizations across the US preventing corporate personhood and addressing the influence of big money in the political process.”

— Elisa C, Wife. Mother. Small Business Owner. Fernwood PCO.

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